There are a few steps for working best with SIMPLIFY.

Contact Us.  Either by phone, email, or click “Schedule Now”, located in the lower right hand corner, for a phone or video consultation. Feel free to send us any questions that you might have or send us a picture of the “problem area”.   We may be able to provide you with an estimate just from your picture!

Delivery of an Estimate.  We will respond promptly and with either a solution or an estimate. Believe it or not, due to our level of experience, we can provide estimates for most projects before we have even walked into your home.  This saves you significant time and energy!

  1. Site Verify.  Once you approve your estimate, a Simplify technician will schedule a time to visit your home and verify our scope, installation opportunities, and solidify a price.
  2. Contract!   After this walkthrough, you will be presented with a closed end contract.  That means that Simplify will stand behind the price and scope provided to you!
  3. Start the Work.   The Simplify Technician will complete the work in a timely and efficient manner utilizing computer-aided scheduling or other technical tools to keep you informed of our progress.
  4. Final Project Walk.   Your Simplify Technician will meet with you to review the final product to ensure your satisfaction with our installation.  A fun way to wrap things up!
  5. Warranty Time.   If something doesn’t seem to be performing properly, just give us a call or email!  We want to make sure that everything remains in good working order.

Contact us today to find out what SIMPLIFY can do for You!

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